Executive Mobile Office Limousines

Executive Mobile office limousines keep movers and shakers at the top of their game, says Becker Automotive Design. Becker Automotive Design's high-end executive limousines provide utmost comfort, safety, privacy, and productivity to high net worth individuals, worldwide.

The actions and decisions of society's celebrities and global leaders have an outsized impact on people's lives. Aside from the obvious power a president or state governor has, a major company's CEO decides the fate of thousands of employees' livelihoods, while movie or music A-listers shape popular culture and are close to many people's hearts.

Many of these individuals are always busy and on the move, and they often require customized transport solutions to accomplish their goals. While they have access to air transport, such as private jets and helicopters, there is still a huge need for ground transport that takes into account the VIPs' comfort, safety, privacy and productivity.

According to Howard Becker, founder and CEO of Becker Automotive Design, every second counts with those in high stakes positions. Advanced 5G mobile internet allows these movers and shakers to always be on the top of their game as they work and travel. The return on investment has never been higher.

Becker Automotive Design has been producing custom-built, professionally chauffeured custom luxury vehicles, commonly known as limousines, for major figures all over the world for more than 25 years. Its clients include governments in the US and overseas, royal families, famous movie and music personalities, professional athletes, and top business executives. Each custom conversion vehicle is built to spec for each client's needs, who are spread across 25 countries on 5 continents.

Becker Automotive Design's vehicles feature stable high-speed 5G internet connectivity, and are fully equipped to function as an extension of the VIP's office. It can outfit the vehicle with a complete suite of productivity options, allowing clients to use the time they spend in transit to do everything that they can do in their office. Becker works with the client's cybersecurity team to ensure that the vehicle is protected from data breaches or hacker attacks, which is crucial for government functions and major businesses. Becker has created mobile office vehicles that function as executive command units for government leaders worldwide.

Everything included in these executive mobile office SUVs and vans are intended to help the VIP focus on the exceptional work they do. Specially engineered suspension systems ensure that the ride is as smooth as possible, even in the notoriously potholed roads of New York. Becker vehicles utilize electric curtains and acoustic control to prevent visual distractions and allow occupants to concentrate without the stress of hearing road noise or blaring traffic sounds. The high-definition cameras and lighting in the interior allow occupants to attend online meetings, just as they would in their office.

Privacy and comfort serve productivity, and are also major priorities for A-listers. In a regular passenger car, the driver can hear every word of the passengers' conversations. Becker provides an electric partition behind the driver’s seat to ensure the principal's ability to speak and think in privacy. Becker manufactures custom passenger seating with extraordinary comfort to reduce fatigue and improve the VIP’s capacity to focus. Aside from having superior ride quality, Becker vehicles have excellent rear passenger climate control and air filtration systems.

Furthermore, because Becker vehicles carry VIPs, they are built with safety and protection in mind. Options that resist small arms and assault rifle fire are available when required.

Becker says he began in the industry by improving various electronics, music systems, and navigation systems in vehicles of affluent people. Over time, his customers' requested solutions for various needs, such as the ability to work and rest comfortably and discreetly in privacy. This led to the creation and evolution of Becker Automotive Design.

According to Becker, the high cost of its vehicles are a small price to pay for the advantages achieved by the principal’s ability to leverage their transit time effectively. At upwards of $400,000 per vehicle, Becker’s over-engineered features provide greater reliability, safety and comfort than most comparable ground transportation existing today.

“Our clients' time is extremely valuable yet finite, and the productivity increase they get from using one of our vehicles is precious, not only to them, but to everybody that they affect with their good work in life. There's never enough time in the day to do all the things that our very important customers need to do. By creating more time for them to be productive, rested, and relaxed they're able to be much more effective,” he says.