Benefits of electric cars


Electric Car Charging


As fuel prices constantly rise and oil reserves are becoming worryingly reduced, electricity is becoming a much more desirable fuel for our transportation and becoming increasingly popular. As well as being by far the greenest way to power your mobility, it comes with a number of other benefits that are worth considering when you are deciding which kind of car to purchase.


The environment - while your car itself does produce zero emissions, it is worth mentioning that unless the means of generating the electricity were environmentally friendly, your car is not completely green. There are solar charging options, and also companies such as GreenPower who produce green electricity you can put into your car to reduce your emissions even further. Electric vehicles tend to be more environmentally conscious right from production, and are often made using eco-friendly materials, reducing your impact further. Some people even have charging stations at their homes, eliminating the need to go to a gas station.


Reducing the harmful emissions from your personal vehicle is also beneficial to your health. By reducing the emissions you are improving the air quality, and owning an electronic vehicle also reduces noise pollution as they tend to be quieter than a petrol or diesel engine.


They're cheaper to run - electricity to power a vehicle can cost as little as a third per a kilometre of the price of a petrol engine. In some places, such as London, there are economic benefits as one doesn't have to pay additional congestion charges when they own certain electric car models that others do. Also in Victoria, Australia, electronic vehicles receive a $100 reduction in registration fees annually. They're also cheaper to maintain as they have a lot less moving parts in the engine than a conventional petrol or diesel engine and no expensive exhaust systems. Electronic vehicle batteries are usually warranted for around 8 years. Some users have reported savings of up to $10,000 a year.


Electronic vehicles are also becoming more popular, which means there is more demand for developments in the market. Over time, the price will continue to reduce and improvements to the vehicles will be made as car companies compete with each other, benefitting the buyers of electronic vehicles.


Electronic vehicles tend to have a lower centre of gravity which basically means they are less likely to roll over. Due to the specifications of their engines they are less likely to catch fire or explode in accidents.


There are a few disadvantages to be aware of when owning an electric vehicle. They do tend to have a limited range as most commercial electric vehicles can't go further than 100 miles on a single recharge. For some people, this is a long way to go and more than sufficient, however for any longer distance travel this is problematic. Refuelling or recharging can take a few hours, and again, for drivers who don't exceed standard milage, providing they remember to charge their car overnight, this isn't a problem, but can be for people who travel further.


Currently there is not too much choice on the market, although this will change quicky over time. The vehicles that are available are initially expensive to buy, however this doesn't represent the long term savings which the user benefits from.



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