Benefits of cars over public transport


public transport


With an increasing awareness of global warming issues and pollution levels, more and more people are opting to use public transport in a way to reduce their effect on the environment. There are numerous articles that discuss how public transport it better than private transport, but here are a few reasons it might be worth hanging onto your car.


Timings - if you own a private a vehicle, you are able to leave the house whenever you want, and to arrive at your destination when it is convenient for you. When you use public transport, however, you rely on bus timetables which may not be optimal to your schedule. This can mean waiting around for busses in the cold, arriving considerably earlier than planned, long connections and longer journey times. Also, you are not relying on others for your punctuality, traffic reliant.


Comfort - private transport tends to be a lot more comfortable than public transport, especially considering that when you use public transport, a certain amount of walking is almost always involved, to and from the station from your house and on the other side between the station and your destination, whereas a car will take you all the way from point to another.


Rural communities - while connections to rural communities are always improving, the infrastructure in some smaller towns and villages is not so strong. In most rural establishments, it is almost always better to own your transport.


Cargo - It is much easier to travel with larger amounts of luggage in your own car instead of hauling it around on crowded busses and trains. This can also have long term health benefits for your back as you don't have to physically carry everything with you.


Specific point access - Public transport can only take you so far, and in cities, this is not so much a problem, but when you want to access national parks and walking trails and places further from the beaten path, it is often extremely difficult, if not impossible to access these places using public transport unless you pay for a taxi as well.


Economic - okay, overall public transport can be considered cheaper when you consider the cost of fuel, tax, maintenance, insurance and the initial cost of the car, but there are a number of ways you can win back some of those hard earned dollars with your car. Ride sharing apps not only reduce your carbon footprint, they can also offset the cost of your fuel as riders pay for your empty seats. You can also create a car pool to and from work.


Weather - your car is a nice warm and cosy haven that blocks out the outside world and optimises your immediate atmosphere. Walking to and from points of public transport can expose to rain, snow, wind, hail, colder temperatures and a whole number of unpleasant experiences. Arriving to work in your car ensures you are dry and looking optimal, however a quick walk in the rain could leave you damp and dripping all afternoon behind your desk.


Emotional - who doesn't love a good drive to your favourite playlist? A number of people find driving very cathartic and, traffic and conditions reliant, it can be very stress relieving.



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